Warrensburg High School "Cardinals"

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Warrensburg Grade School - Built 1923
Photo by Sally Hursh

Warrensburg High School 1877 - 1923
From Rootsweb Website - Macon County

The History of Warrensburg High School
Warrensburg (population 1,289) is located in central Illinois about six miles northwest of Decatur.  Illinois Route 121 is the main roadway taking you to and from this near-northwestern Macon County town.  The Illinois Central Gulf Railroad also makes its way through Warrensburg.  The town was first discussed being platted in 1841.  It was in 1861 that the Illinois Central Railroad was established through the area where Warrensburg was eventually inhabited.  The town was officially incorporated in 1882.  More on the history of Warrensburg can be read at the town's official  website address of  http://www.warrensburgillinois.info/.
The history of the educational system established in Warrensburg is in need of research.  It is probable that a high school was established in the late 1800s.  Warrensburg High School served the community for abour fifty years on a solo basis.  In the late 1940s the towns of Warrensburg and Latham  agreed to pool their educational resources.  it was after the 1949-50 school year that the Warrensburg-Latham School District was established. 
The high school for the newly established district was, and remains today, located in Warrensburg. 
Ralph Whitsitt provided the following information on Warrensburg High School and the fate of the original high school building:
"My father graduated from Warrensburg-Latham High School in 1951. This was the first year for the consolidated schools in Warrensburg and Latham (not 1956). The old Warrensburg H.S. building was used as Warrensburg-Latham High for several years until a newer facility was built on the other side of Warrensburg in (I'm guessing here...) the late 1950's. The old building survived until the 1980's when it was finally torn down. I'm not sure what the building was used for (if anything)between the time the newer high school was built and when it was razed, but the old ag shop building which was next to the old high school was still standing as of a few years ago and appeared to be used for storage." 
Warrensburg High School Quick Facts
Year opened:                                late 1800s (1877?)
Year closed:                                 1950
Consolidated to:                            Warrensburg-Latham School District
Warrensburg HS team nickname:   the "Cardinals"
WHS team colors:                        Red & Gold
School Fight Song:                       unavailable

The Warrensburg boys competed in basketball and track for sure, according to the IHSA website (www.ihsa.org).  It is is quite probable that baseball and possibly football were offered as well.  School team nickname, team colors, fight song, and other items of interst are being sought regarding the WHS athletic program.
Boys Basketball 
A total of FIVE District titles were earned by the Warrensburg High School boys basketball teams.  The best records and coach's names of the Warrensburg HS basketball teams as found on the IHSA website are listed below.
1921-22                                                                          Coach H.S. Nichols
1922-23                                                                          Coach George Orr
1923-24     5 - 3                                                               Coach George Orr
1924-25   12 - 8                                                               Coach George Orr
1925-26   11 - 8                                                               Coach L.M. Handlin
1926-27   12 - 10                                                             Coach Glen Asbury
1927-28   11 - 9                                                               Coach Glen Asbury
1929-30                                                                          Coach George Harper
1930-31   29 - 14                                                             Coach Carl Mitchell
1931-32   17 - 11          District Champions                      Coach Carl Mitchell
1932-33   16 - 10                                                             Coach Carl Mitchell
1933-34                                                                          CoachCarl Mitchell
1934-36                                                                          Coach Frank Henry
1936-37                                                                          Coach Scrkes
1937-38   15 - 9                                                               Coach  J.J. Evers
1938-39                                                                          Coach J.J. Evers
1939-40      4 - 14          District Champions                    Coach Irl Schuyler
1940-41      8 - 12          District Champions                    Coach Irl Schuyler
1941-42                                                                          Coach Irl Schuyler
1942-43    16 - 10                                                            Coach Newton Drummond
1943-44    15 - 9                                                              Coach Newton Drummond
1944-45                                                                          Coach Newton Drummond
1945-46    16 - 11                                                            Coach Newton Drummond
1946-47    19 - 9                                                              Coach Newton Drummond
1947-48    19 - 7            District Champions                     Coach Newton Drummond
1948-49    20 - 8            District Champions                     Coach Newton Drummond
1949-50    17 - 7                                                              Coach Newton Drummond

Last season as Warrensburg High School was 1949-50.

Boys Track & Field

One male athlete made the town and school proud when he won a medal at the IHSA State Track Meet. 
1937-38             John Major             Shot Put            2ND Place
Need Some In-Put
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